Agileto Partnership Program

Agileto Partnership Program is addressed to both the companies and the private professional individuals, the most important is to best suit with your selected program. Contact us...

Agileto is looking for partners worldwide so do not hesitate to enroll into Agileto Partnership Program which best fits your status. Become a part of our partner network and help us grow our business, and yours.

We are an enthusiastic company, flexible, innovative and very creative. We believe that everybody has something important to say or to do, the most difficult for nowadays times is to detect and to develop the right quality belonging to each one placed at lower or higher level into the society and to the business, too.

Consequently, we have developed Agileto Partnership Program in order to address our partnerships to various levels, up to the different potential of our partners, keeping in our mind always to have a win-win relationship based on a mutual confidence.

According with your potential, we are running under Agileto Partnership Program three (3) specific partnership programs, as following:

1) NWO Services - if you are interested to provide directly or indirectly Network Optimization Services to a client by using “Agileto PRO Edition” software tool.

In this case it is assumed that you have a good/deep connection with the client and you have an important contribution to close a contract with the client regarding a Network Optimization service for its geographical coverage areas. The best targets are the 2G/3G/4G Network roll-out (deployment), swap or simply just the regular optimization area(s).

You may be in one of the following two options:

A) You have your own company and we may provide and support you with “Agileto PRO Edition” software tool and related training/outsourcing in order for your company to complete the NWO services demanded by the client.

B) You do NOT have your own company but you have an important contribution which leads the client to close a contract with Agileto Company related to their NWO services requirements.

The specific Partner Program Requirements and the associated process for NWO Services are quite similar with those related to Agileto Partnership Program for Resellers (see below) up to the above option selected (A or B).

To enroll into this Partnership Program you should either have close connections into the high management levels of the client, either to be a Senior RF Optimization with a large expertize proven by an impressive visit card (or the best the both of them).

2) Resellers - if you are interested to improve your revenue and professional image by becoming part of our network resellers.

To target Agileto Partnership Program for Resellers you have to earn the trust of your customers as an expert in solutions and serve your customers as a trusted expert using and selling "Agileto PRO Edition" software tool.

    Partnership Program Requirements:

  • No fee (for enrollment)
  • No Annual revenue commitment
  • You will receive "Agileto PRO Edition" at zero cost for demo and internal usage and very attractive mark-up for your business.
  • Ideal candidate will:

  • have experience in Radio Network Optimization (2G/3G/4G)
  • have his own company or is representing a company that can sell "Agileto PRO Edition" software tool
  • have good connection in telecommunication world
  • have experience with Agileto Gold Edition / Agileto PRO Edition software tool

The process to become a reseller involves a few basic steps: identifying the right opportunity, becoming proficient with Agileto PRO Edition, and negotiating the best buy rate possible with the final client. Your mark-up is very attractive and you can make a lot of money.

3) Testers - if you are interested to use and test our latest version of "Agileto PRO Edition" software tool, including beta versions, you can enroll into Agileto Partnership Program for Testers.

During Agileto Partnership Program for Testers, you have to use and became familiar with "Agileto Pro Edition" software tool (offered to you at zero cost, for testing and internal usage) and you have to report to our support team ( all the bugs that you may identify. Also, we need from you a periodic evaluation for each module (at list once / month) about Agileto PRO Edition in order to keep you enrolled into Agileto Partnership Program for Testers. A simple email with your evaluation will be fine.

If you want to have Agileto PRO Edition license for 12 months (at zero cost) - without need of monthly evaluation, you have to became Platinum Tester. For this level of tester you have to develop a user manual in your local language that can be used by Agileto Company whenever and where we want.


If you feel you are interested and confident to develop with us any of the partnership programs presented above, please send us an email to with the subject Agileto Partnership Program and specify which partnership program you would like to go ahead by providing some sustainable evidences proving that you are eligible for that program.

We will analyze your requirement and will get back to you with further details.

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