Summary about what customers say concerning Agileto:

Agileto® is an efficient RF tool which helps RF/OMC Engineers to have a quick overview & optimize a mobile Radio Network 2G/3G/4G. It has the advantage to be vendor independent and supports both optimisation techniques: Drive Test and Call Trace.

Based on the 3G Call Traces files, Agileto® is processing very fast the data and reduces the time it takes to analyze them. For example, to process seven days of Call Traces files for an entire RNC takes less than 3 hours (depending of the PC performance). This eliminates the need to analyze drives test measurements by other tools.

Agileto® tool allows the user to have a quick view of the radio network and facilitates:

  • Deletions of a non useful neighboring relations
  • Addition of useful neighboring relations
  • Detection of overshooter’s cells.
  • Detection of the 2G(BCCH)/3G(PSC)/4G(PCI) planning errors
  • Detection of the border cells for the optimization purposes

All these optimization features provided by Agileto® help to improve KPIs such as RRC Accessibility, Call Drop Rate, Mobility Management, etc.

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