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This page presents different screenshots/video(s) related to Agileto software tool.

(when watching the videos be sure you turn ON your audio-speakers for the best experience)

Agileto Video Tutorials:

You may watch here all the video-tutorials directly on YouTube...

Agileto PRO Edition - Download and Install (21')

Agileto GOLD Edition - Download and Install (4')

DEMO_PROJECT Tutorial (8')

How to create a new project (9')

M1.1: How to create the Mobile Network database - Overview (5')

M1.1: How to generate and map Agileto database (2G/3G/4G) based on OMC dump file (40')

M1.1: How to generally create and update Agileto database (1H19')

M1.2: How to generate the Mobile NW (2G/3G/4G) sites/cells in MapInfo + Google Earth (40')

M1.3: How to evaluate the 'Border Cells' (Network Boundary) per technology and frequency layer (27')

M2.1: How to perform Audit and Sanity-Check on OMC dumps (2G/3G/4G) (1h19')

M2.2: How to perform 3G PSC allocation (Audit + Optim) (55')

M2.3: How to perform 2G BCCH allocation (Audit + Optim) (1h00')

M3.1: How to map OMC Neighbors declarations (2G/3G/4G) in MapInfo + Google Earth (40')

M3.2: How to map the Neighbors database (2G/3G/4G) in MapInfo + Google Earth (41')

M3.3: How to display the Neighbors in MapInfo + Google Earth (56')

M4.1: Drive Test Analysis performed by Agileto [DEMO] (54')

M4.1: Drive Test Optimization performed by Agileto - Part 1 [DEMO 2G] (2h44')

M4.1: Drive Test Optimization performed by Agileto - Part 2 [DEMO 3G] (1h42')

M4.1: Drive Test Optimization performed by Agileto - Part 3 [DEMO 4G] (2h21')

M5.1: How to map the KPIs of the Cells (2G/3G/4G) in MapInfo + Google Earth (48')

Agileto Video Presentations:

You may watch here all Agileto video-presentations directly on YouTube...

General presentation (3')

Technical presentation (16')

Drive Test 2G Analysis presentation (6')

Drive Test 3G Analysis presentation (7')