• Agileto PRO Edition -> Professional version of Agileto software tool (PRO change logs)
  • Agileto GOLD Edition -> see F.A.Q. and the GOLD Edition pages (GOLD change logs)
  • Agileto Help (Agileto Help document -> context sensitive!)
  • Agileto DEMO_PROJECT -> Demo data + outputs in MapInfo and Google Earth
  • Agileto NWO solution -> *.pdf document about Network Optimization solution
  • Where and How to purchase online an Agileto PRO Edition license (here + video).

    Agileto PRO Edition is coming with a free trial (15 days). When requested to register (online), please select the BASIC licence and you will get finally an ENHANCED license (full) supporting all the major telecom vendors and all the technologies (2G/3G/4G).

    Get Agileto Licence online. Check F.A.Q. and/or GOLD Edition / PRO Edition pages.

    Get Agileto training online (free) here (Video Tutorials).

    Agileto works in conjunction with MS Excel, MapInfo and Google Earth software tools so for the best results it is a prerequisite to have at least MS Excel installed.

    Contact us or visit the page which presents our FREE trial which may be offered to you.

    To view some of the Agileto DEMO PROJECT outputs into your own Google Earth / Maps applications for both desktop & mobile click on the next red links 2G / 3G / 4G or play below.




    Please check regularly our promotional page in order to benefit at maximum from our product and associated services.

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