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We are a young company, flexible, innovative and very creative. We also have human resources at a senior level with extensive experience in Telecommunications and special in mobile NW Optimisation (RAN: 2G/3G/4G).

Based on our in-house developed Agileto® PRO Edition software optimization tool, we are providing currently several services for our clients in conjunction with their mobile networks 2G/3G/4G, as following:

A) Network Optimization services (including roll-out or/and swap) for any mobile networks (2G/3G/4G) from small clusters to large (BSCs/RNCs/TACs) areas;

B) Benchmark analysis on multiple drive test metrics/networks;

C) Enhanced Agileto PRO Edition license(s) for our clients including personnel training, software maintenance, update & support;

We are providing for FREE our services as POC (Proof Of Concept) for all our new clients, so do not hesitate to contact us Today !

We have over 20 years of working experience into the field of Telecommunications (Radio communications) and we can support any 2G/3G/4G Optimisation project large or small.

The philosophy of our company is as our name implies - Agile To your needs.

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Targets and Strengths

Agileto efficiently helps the mobile telecomm business to perform better from a technical and financial point of view. It was developed to be independent from the mobile telecomm vendors therefore it may be used during the optimization processes by both the vendors and the mobile operators.

Agileto does not have special hardware requirements (it may run on ordinary PCs) and despite its simplicity it provides in real time the optimisation results much more efficiently than most tools on the market.

Agileto is the tool every RF Optimization engineer dreams having in his arsenal as with its efficient and powerful features. Its features are based on over 20 years of working experience into the field of telecommunications (radio communications).

Agileto does the ‘dirty’ work of audit & optimization of the mobile (2G/3G/4G) telecomm networks based on advanced mathematical algorithms and methods allowing the optimization departments/engineers to more efficiently use their working time and to focus on the real issues/troubleshooting they encounter.

Agileto is developing & improving continuously to try and ensure the better satisfaction of its clients (vendors & mobile telecomm operators).

Agileto provides Automatic Network analysis & optimization in the following main directions:

  • Output reports & mapping in MapInfo & Google Earth (Sites & Cells + Neighbors + Drive Test + KPIs);
  • OMC Audit & Sanity check verifications;
  • Inconsistency Cells parameters declarations;
  • Lack of coverage & quality areas;
  • Pollution areas;
  • Overshooters cells;
  • Cell Coverage areas (Top1 / ASet / Full);
  • Missing neighbors (to be added);
  • Non useful neighbors (to be deleted);
  • Cross sectors / feeders;
  • Planning errors for 2G(BCCH) / 3G(PSC) / 4G(PCI);
  • “Border cells” list (for optimization purposes);

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