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Our company provides Mobile Network Optimization services (details here) in addition to Agileto PRO Edition software (in-house developed) toll. Please see below or contact us for more details.

We are providing for free the Proof Of Concept (POC details) meaning a trial Mobile Network optimization service for any company which is interested to evaluate our services. The trial will be conducted on a limited area from your network representing a cluster of your mobile network (at your choice 20 to 25 sites) including one or multiple technologies (2G/3G/4G).

At the end of this trial we will issue and send you an Optimization report and you may decide if you like it and if you would like to purchase from us similar services in the future (at special rates).

You may download few Audit and Optimisation samples reports from here: -> 2G or 3G or Benchmark

During the time when you get any trial or Optimization service from us up to five (5) Agileto PRO Edition licenses (full options) may be provided for free to your company for your own usage.

Contact us now for more details or to order a trial or a service. We will be delighted to answer you asap.


Agileto PRO EDITION is the Professional edition of Agileto software tool supporting all the major telecom vendors (HW/NSN/ALU/E///...) and all the technologies (2G/3G/4G). It is continuously updated and you have a free trial of 15 days afterwards you may purchase an Enhanced license for different period of times at very attractive rates. Click here to buy an Enhanced license or contact us for more details.


Agileto GOLD EDITION (100% FREE)

Agileto GOLD EDITION includes some modules developed by Agileto concerning the 3G technology up to a certain time (there is no more development). It is 100% free (download/install/usage) and registration is not mandatory (registered users may receive our support). To get access to the full range of the features develloped by Agileto please consider to use Agileto PRO Edition which you may get from here.


You may check below a brief features comparison between Agileto GOLD vs PRO editions:

Please click here to get free Agileto training online (video-tutorials).

Closed Promotions -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Get instant online FREE Agileto Enhanced Licence

Download now and install the NEW Agileto and you will get instant online a FREE Agileto Enhanced Licence. You will account the following news included into the new Agileto installation kit (you can see here some Agileto’s screenshots):

  • Help by F1 -> A new concept regarding Agileto Help document (*.chm) is now used being context integrated (by pressing the key F1 the help document is now open automatically to the right topic according with the Agileto working window).
  • DEMO_PROJECT -> A demo project (available to download) is included now into Agileto installation kit. It contains few demo database samples and quick indications allowing to the new Agileto user to become quickly familiar with the main Agileto tasks.
  • Spatial representation (3D) -> Mobile telecom networks (3G & 2G), KPIs and neighbors may be represented now in 3D (Spatial).
  • 2G KPIs support -> The new Agileto release supports now KPIs for both types of Mobile Networks: 3G and 2G
  • KPI Legend -> The full KPI legend including colors and thresholds is now displayed on the top left corner in Google Earth.
  • Neighbor Priority -> All neighbors are currently diplayed presenting in addition the neighbor priority declaration number.
  • Network Optimisation without drive tests -> It was improved the support regarding the Network Optimisation without the drive tests (based on the signalization messages collected in Call Traces from the real users/subscribers traffic load).
  • 3G Vendor independence -> Support for all major 3G vendors: Ericsson/ Huawei/ Nokia-Siemens /Alcatel-Lucent/ ZTE/ etc…

This promotion may be retired anytime from the market at our solely discretion without any prior notification. Take the benefit of this promotion and download now then install the NEW Agileto and you may be one of the winners for an Agileto Enhance Licence having a validity of one year (see below)! To check more about Agileto installation/licencing please visit our F.A.Q. web page or email us.

Competition for FREE Licences

Write the best review on our Facebook page about the NEW Agileto tool [version 4.25 37.814 or later] until 31 of December, 2011 and you can win 1 Enhanced Agileto License for 12 months. The best 3 reviews will be awarded. The classification will be done by our Sales and Technical Directors. Download now and try the NEW Agileto tool from here.

The Licences granted with this promotion will be free of charge (see F.A.Q.) and their validity will be until 1st of January, 2013;

Try the NEW Agileto tool and get FREE Agileto Licence + FREE Consultancy

During the period 15 November 2011 - 30 November 2011 we are providing FREE Agileto Enhanced License for all the users interested to try the NEW Agileto tool (version 4.25 37.814 or later) which has no more Excel dependency. Please see below the details about how to get Agileto Enhanced licence during this promotional period of time:

  • New Agileto users: You should initially get On-Line Agileto Basic Licence which is instant and FREE of charge; we will upgrade asap your Basic Licence to Agileto Enhanced Licence and since the next day you will benefit already from the Enhanced Licence;
  • Existing Agileto users: Please email us to express your interest on this promotion and we will advise you how to proceed;

Agileto Enhanced Licences granted with this promotion and any associated Consultancy service will be FREE of charge (see F.A.Q.) . The Licences validity period of time will be until 15en of February 2012; Download now and try our NEW tool from here: Agileto kit.

FREE consulting Agileto Optimization services

During the period 08 October - 08 November 2011 we are providing free consulting 3G Optimization Services to any 3G Mobile Network Operator or 3G Vendor Equipment.

This promotion covers the following main 3G optimisation activities (up to 1 RNC coverage area):

  • 3G Network audit
  • 3G & 2G Networks mapping in MapInfo & Google Earth
  • Proposals for Neighbors Optimisation based on different available inputs (Drive Tests/Call Traces/Counters)
  • Pilot polluters identification & recommendations

The interested parties in this promotion should contact us by email ( during the period of time mentioned above expressing their formal request; we will get back to you and explain all the further steps. Contact us now!

Unlimited FREE Enhanced Online Licences for a limited period of time

During the period 15 October 2011 - 31 October 2011 we are providing FREE Enhanced Online License 100% enabled, for all registered users with FREE Basic Online License. Please see below the details about who is eligible for this promotion:

  • All Agileto users (old/New) who already have a valid Basic Licence (is FREE to get it online) are eligible automatically;
  • Old Agileto users who already have a valid Enhanced Licence may request us by email their interest to get this promotion;

The Licences granted with this promotion will be free of charge (see F.A.Q.) and their validity will be until 1st of February 2012; Download now and try our tool from here: Agileto kit. Do not forget, first you need to activate Basic Online License which is FREE.

FREE Agileto Licences

During the period 07 September - 07 October 2011 we are providing a limited number (50) of free Agileto Licences (100% enabled).

The Licences granted with this promotion will be free of charge (see F.A.Q.) and their usage viability will be until 1st of January 2012; please hurry up to contact us and to download and install Agileto on your PC in order to benefit at maximum of this special promotion.


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